App Review: Too Good To Go

Hello everyone! How’s the summer been treating you so far? ☀️

I am super excited to write about this amazing application that I’ve been using for a couple of months now – Too Good To Go. I decided to wait for a little while before sharing this good deal to make sure if I really liked it or not. Conclusion? I really really really like it!

If you know me, you must know that I hate wasting food. I used to live in the Philippines and while it is an extremely beautiful country – it is also very poor. Sadly, a lot of families don’t have enough money to eat 3 full meals per day. We were pretty lucky to be able to, but I can clearly remember my mother making sure that we never wasted any food that we had. Not even a single grain of rice was to be left on the plate. This kind of way of living has stuck with me, even as I became an adult and started my own family. I turn leftover steamed white rice into garlic fried rice and roasted chicken into a salad to name a few examples.


Too Good To Go is an application that was developed to fight and reduce food waste. They have partnered up with bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, and etc .. The idea is that thanks to this application you may order delicious food that would have been otherwise thrown away for a small price.


How can you order? 

First, make sure to download the application. Create a new account ang log in. You just have to follow the instructions. You’ll see it’s super easy. All payments are done on the application by card or Paypal.


Partner Establishments

When you are logged in, you will automatically see a list of partner establishments. I live in Metz, France and some of these partners include:

  • Flunch
  • Aux Merveilleux de Fred – Muse
  • L’Epicerie du Quai
  • Columbus Café and Co
  • Lunch and Coffee
  • Novotel Metz Centre
  • Vert et Noir
  • Patisserie Neveux
  • Too Goo
  • Sushi Shop
  • Les Choix de Sophie

… just to name a few. I’ve noticed some add-ons these past months so I’m hoping the list will grow longer. I don’t know what the advantages are for the businesses, but perhaps it could be interesting for me them too.

*For 2 Euros, you can also offer a meal to a homeless person.


My Personal Experiences

Hotel and Restaurant Campanile – Metz Est Technopole

Our first experience was breakfast from the Campanile Hotel which of course I forgot to take a picture of. Darn.

For 2 Euros, I remembered we had a cup of coffee, butter croissant, French charcuterie, cheese, and a slice of cake.

Price: 2 Euros                                                                                                                        Collection time: 9:00AM-11:00AM


Boulangerie Ange – Metz

Price: 1 order at 4 Euros                                                                                          Collection time: 7:45PM-8:00PM


PeGast – Metz

Price: 2 orders at 4 Euros each                                                                               Collection time: 6:30PM-8:00PM


Fox Coffee Shop – Metz

A little misunderstanding happened here. I ordered and paid, but unfortunately a couple of minutes later I received a message saying that in fact the coffee shop had run of food. My order was cancelled and reimbursed automatically.


Columbus Café et Co – Muse

Price: 1 order at 4 Euros                                                                                                     Collection time: 7:45PM-8:15PM


Class’Croute – Metz Actipole

Price: 1 order at 3.90 Euros                                                                                 Collection time: 2:00PM-3:00PM


Mougel Bio – Les Halles

For our first time to test an organic supermarket, we decided to try Mougel Bio, which is not too far from where we live. Sadly, I remember taking photos of our basket, but I can’t find those photos anymore! Grrr … We were given a couple of vegetables (eggplant, chili peppers, yellow bell pepper), fruits (bananas), and a bread loaf.

Price: 2.99 Euros                                                                                                                       Collection time: 6:30PM-7:25PM


Mercure Metz Centre

Price: 2 Euros                                                                                                                       Collection time: 11:00AM-11:30AM


Sushi Shop – Metz

Price: 7 Euros                                                                                                                         Collection time: 10:30PM-10:45PM


Negative Points

Although it is a very good initiative and a great app, there are some points to think about that one might consider negative.

  • You don’t know what you will get. You might be pleasantly surprised … or not. Just remember – it’s for a good cause! My main concern though is regarding allergies.
  • Collection time. The scheduled time is sometimes very limited. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the day, so when you’re working it’s just not possible to pick up the food. Sometimes, you only have 15 minutes to pick up the food – so don’t be late! But the worst might be with Sushi Shop – pick up time is 10:30PM-10:45PM. It’s just too late – you either eat a late dinner or eat the sushi the next day.
  • The choices are still limited. I hope that this will be developed real soon.

Have you heard of this app? What do you think of it?

xoxo Elodie


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