A Friendship Breakup: Cutting Him Out of My Life

Any break-up is tough. We’ve all been through them. You cry, you eat a little too much ice cream and chocolate, you get a horrible haircut, and you spend what little money you have left shopping for things you absolutely have no use for. Eventually, you tell yourself you’re an amazing person who deserves someone equally as amazing.

But what do you do when it comes to a friendship? Most cases people naturally drift away from each other. We blame life, work, or responsibilities. But let’s be honest if you let these things come in the way, then perhaps the friendship was just not worth it.

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Choosing the Communion Dress (First Communion Series #4)

It’s another day which means it’s another day closer to Communion Day.
Lately, it feels like my mind has been taken over by the communion and that’s all I can think about. I am really super excited for Baby Girl. Plus, she is the only child that we have and will probably only have, so this is our first and last time to ever prepare for this day. Nothing can stop me at this point. 😆😆

Anyways …

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Waffles (Thermomix Recipe)

I take great pleasure in cooking for my family. If you take a look at my Instagram account (click here), you’ll see exactly what I mean. Since I got my Thermomix TM5, I’ve been making regularly Waffles for Baby Girl. Actually, I make them on Saturday mornings. We eat about 2 each and I freeze the rest. These are eaten during the week for breakfast or sometimes Baby Girl brings some as a school snack. This saves us so much time during the week and money too!

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The Venue: Restaurant La Porcherie in Vigy, France (First Communion Series #3)

photo taken from: https://www.gralon.net/restaurants-france/moselle/restaurant-la-porcherie-vigy-6616.htm

One more month and it’s Baby Girl’s first communion. I am divided in 3 parts. One part just wants it all to be done with, another part is very excited for D-Day, and the last part is freaked out about not having enough time to finish it all.

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