Back to School 2017

Back to school this year is a little special as Baby Girl is going to a new school. Again. We were talking about it the other day and in 9 years, she has already changed schools 5 times. She considers herself a pro now. LOL. But if things all go as planned, this new school will probably be her last until high school. The Husband and I decided to enroll Baby Girl in a private school. The school system in France is different from the Philippines both in public and private. But since the Husband and I are both private school products, we thought it would be nice that Baby Girl follows that path as well.

It’s looking like Autumn these days!

But most importantly, we are also hoping that being in a private school would mean that she would receive extra help with her French classes. We speak English at home all the time and while I do understand and speak French, my mother tongue is English. Homework in French can be tough at times. What I’ve noticed as well is the lack of language teaching in public schools here. France is very weak in languages. I see this every day in my work and I see how important it is now in order to work in foreign companies. People argue that in this region the German language is spoken more than English, but that’s not how I see it in the work field. Anyways, I keep hearing good reviews about this school so I’m hoping that this will be good for Baby Girl. We’re really hoping to bring her some kind of stability, especially with her friends. She can’t keep making new friends and losing contact with them every year.

So, for the past 2 months, we’ve been busy shopping and preparing for the new school year.

First things first …. the school supplies! This year, I ordered most of her school supplies from the website:

I received a sheet of paper through the school. We were in no obligation of ordering through Scoleo, but it was pretty practical and convenient. I personally will do it like this from now on. No-more-searching-through-the-store-like-I’m-treasure-hunting for me. 😉

The Little Marcel school bag is from Stokomani.                                                    The Kleenex tissue paper from Cora Supermarket.                                         The Little Marcel agenda and French dictionary from FNAC.

Then the clothes and shoes …. H&M Kids                                                                                                                         Dress – 14.99 Euros


Catimini                                                                                                                                   T-Shirt « Parisienne » – 39 Euros                                                                           Tregging – 55 Euros


Zara Kids                                                                                                                       T-Shirt – 9.95 Euros                                                                                                   Jegging – 14.95 Euros


Chaussea                                                                                                                      Baskets Blanc Unyk – 19.99 Euros


Lee Cooper (bought in Stokomani)                                                                        T-Shirt – 9.99 Euros

Catimini                                                                                                                   Tregging – 55 Euros


Chaussea                                                                                                                     Baskets Noir Unyk – 14.99 Euros


Pakita Paris (bought in the store Stockomani)                                                        Top – 11.99 Euros

Kiabi Kids                                                                                                                      Denim Skirt – 8.00 Euros


Orchestra                                                                                                                    Tunique – 24.95 Euros (non-member price), 12.48 Euros (member price)         Jeans Slim – 13.95 Euros (non-member price), 6.98 Euros (member price)


Chaussea                                                                                                                      Ballerines Noir – 9.99 Euros

As you can tell Baby Girl was well-equipped to start her first day. Friends asked how she manages so well being the new kid (she’s done it 5 times after all!). We tell them that as much as possible we try to make her feel confident by reassuring her that she has everything she needs and that she looks good. Looks are superficial, yes, but I personally think for a kid it’s important to have nice comfortable clothes. We also talk to her a lot, so she knows what to expect. Now that she’s older it’s funnier too. I laughed so hard when she explained to me some of the things she does . I realized that she’s an observer. We also used the dog-trick by bringing him on the first day, so now she’s known as the kid with the cutie pug dog. A lot of girls her age approached her with tons of questions about the dog. LOL. And finally picking her up from school. It reassures her and she loves getting a little afternoon snack from the bakery just around the corner. 😉


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