Beautiful Box by Au Feminin – Fevrier 2019


As you know from my previous posts, I haven’t been well. What seemed to be an innocent cold turned into a bad respiratory infection. And sinusitis! Ouch … ? ?

I thought hydrating myself and working less hours would help. But who was I kidding? My body just wanted to rest and stop working altogether. The concept is difficult for me, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body. So these days, I’ve been staying home, in bed most times. My only pleasure is receiving my monthly beauty boxes. And surprise, surprise … look what arrived today!


Beautiful Box by Au Feminin – Février 2019

  • Krystal by Iaso Paris – gommage visage / face scrub
  • Masque Peel Off Glitter Cosmic Blue by Vitamasques – face mask (Yuka: 28/100)
  • Bal Masqué des Sorciers Autobronzant by Laboratoire Garancia – self-tanning night mask (Yuka: 93/100)
  • Mascara Volume Noir et Soin Réparateur Volume Quartz by d’Arcancil – mascara (Yuka:49/100)
  • Gemstar « Adrenaline » Lip Topper by So Susan Cosmetics – lip topper (Yuka: 49/100)
  • Bracelet Jonc Doré Precious Night – bracelet

Sadly a lot of the products are badly rated on Yuka and I swear on Yuka. So if I have friends who don’t mind the bad rating and want the products, then I’m more than happy to share. ?


There was no bar code on the Iaso Krystal face scrub to scan on Yuka, so I have no idea if the composition is good or not. I decided to go ahead and try it on. This turned out to be face scrub as well as a mask. It has a gel texture and smells good. After rinsing, my skin felt clean and soft. It has a hydrating effect in fact.


I’m not normally a gloss kind-of-girl. I’m not particularly fond of the sticky sensation on my lips and the shininess. I hate looking like I ate something oily. This Lip Topper is exactly that (and had glitters!), but at least it smells good. Fruity. It can be used alone, or also on top of your lipstick. It was rated as mediocre on Yuka, so naturally I’m not a big fan, but I’m thinking that it might be cool to wear it this Spring or Summer.


This jonc bracelet, Precious Night, is a perfect addition to my jewelry collection. I love it and it’s my favorite from this month’s box.

If you’re interested in subscribing to this box, send me your first name, last name, and email address.

xoxo Elodie




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