Beautiful Box by au Feminin – So Flamingo! – May 2019

Hey guys! I just love love love this month’s Beautiful Box. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift, which will be in a couple of weeks. I love everything part of this month, with no exception. It’s super pretty, it’s pink / rose gold themed, the products are really nice, and I love flamingos! What a relief from last month’s disaster (click here for the link).

Without any further ado, here’s what was in the box: 

  • a super pretty and feminine Flamingo beauty pouch (I think I found a new-found love for flamingoes)
  • Brume hydratante legere « French Rose Mist » by Sampar (make-up) -Yuka: 35/100
  • Fard à paupieres roll-on « Diamond Dust » by Manna Kadar(make-up)
  • Pinceau Kabuki (accessory)
  • Blush « Smoked Peach » by Bang Beauty (make-up)
  • Rouge à levres liquide mat by AWA make-up (make-up)

What I also love about this box is that I can use every one of these products to make a simple everyday look. First, use the Kabuki brush to apply the blush. Then, apply the liquid mat lipstick. Next is the diamond dust. I like to use it as a highlighter on my upper cheeks or on my lips over the lipstick to give it a metallic finish. Lastly, spray the rose mist all over your face to set the make-up. The outcome is a very pretty, nude make-up just the way I like it!

If you’re interested in subscribing to this box, send me your first name, last name, and email address.

xoxo Elodie

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