Beautiful Box – Cuteness Overload – April 2019


Hey guys! 🙂

The moment I opened this month’s Beautiful Box by Au Feminin I heard my 10-year old daughter squeal in delight behind me. « Can I have it please Mama? Please? » « Uhm sure », I replied, « but only the box. The stuff inside is mine. » « Well duh, Mom! » Then I saw the Panda. Oops, okay I understand now. LOL.


Here’s what was inside the box: 

  • Masque Peel-Off au Charbon Noir « Coal on Me » by Panda & The Globe (face mask)
  • Palette Ă  Sourcils de Manna Kadar (make-up)
  • Pinceau Double-Embout « Hey Brows » (make-up)
  • Baume Ă  Lèvres « Panda Kiss » (make-up) – Yuka: 32/100
  • Brush Cleanser de Kawaii
  • Masque Cheveux Nuit de Massato (hair mask) – Yuka: 45/100


This box might be overloaded with cuteness perhaps, but that’s it really.

I’ll probably give the panda lip balm to my daughter to use as a dĂ©cor piece, but she’s never using it. Next! The eyebrows palette could have been nice, but the color doesn’t fit with my eyebrows. It’s too light. This will be given away. The brush cleaner doesn’t really work. It’s a bit of a disappointment. I still need to use the face mask and the hair mask. So I guess the best thing about this box is the eyebrow brush?? That’s a bit sad.

If you’re interested in subscribing to this box, send me your first name, last name, and email address.

xoxo Elodie 


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