Bistro Regent (Centre Commercial Muse) in Metz, France


Hey guys! 🙂 We ate at Bistro Regent in the Commercial Center Muse yesterday evening. Have you already eaten there?

As much as I love cooking, there are days when I just don’t see myself behind a stove. Especially on a Friday evening. This is why, after picking the Husband up from work yesterday evening, we decided to have dinner at Bistro Regent. Also, it was my Mother-in-law’s birthday and although she has passed away already, we try to do something every year.


I’ve been hearing a lot about Bistro Regent especially on the radio. But it was only when a client of mine told me about her experience that my curiosity was officially piqued.


Bistro Regent boasts of simplicity. There are no appetizers – you go straight to the main dish. For 13.90 Euros each, you have a choice of Beef Steak, Duck Fillet, Salmon Steak, Beef Tartare, or Salmon Tartare. For 45 Euros, you can also get the Cote de Boeuf for 2 persons. Each dish is accompanied by the same sauce, Bistro Regent’s mystery sauce – Sauce Charmelcia. I don’t know exactly what is in their sauce, but I definitely tasted ginger!


The Husband and I both got the Fillet de Magret de Canard Grillé / Grilled Duck Fillet. This came with unlimited French Fries and a bowl of Green Salad. The duck was cooked rare and was delicious although I had to get used to the sauce at first. The main issue I had was with the side dishes. Personally I don’t understand why the French Fries (which were homemade and very good!) were unlimited, but if I wanted another bowl of Green Salad I was told I had to pay 4 Euros for each additional bowl! Tant pis … I didn’t get more salad. But the Husband did let me have half of his, while he happily ordered another bowl of French Fries for free.

Baby Girl surprised us by choosing the Steak with her Child’s Menu (10 Euros). She finished everything – the Steak, French Fries, and her Sundae.


The Husband and I usually share dessert and this time we had their Signature Profiteroles (6.50 Euros). Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream, nutella sauce, and whipped cream. Thankfully the Husband and I shared this because these babies were huge. No joke, but one was about the size of my palm!

If you’re looking for something quick to eat, not wanting to lose your time with a long-ass menu list, and not spend too much money, then I recommend Bistro Regent hands-down. The food is good, the French Fries are fresh and homemade, and the staff are really friendly. Apparently, there are many franchises all over France – I just hope each franchise is as good as the one in Metz! 🙂

For contact details, please click here. 

xoxo Elodie




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