Buffalo Grill in Metz, France


I am still sick and stuck at home, so I figured I would spend some time with the blog. As I was going through my photos, I came across some pictures from last November. I started smiling when I saw the photos from Baby Girl’s and my dinner at Buffalo Grill in Metz, France last November 2018. I wondered why I had never thought of posting them online, so I thought I would do that this week. I’ve also added some old posts I had posted in my old food blog (click here and here).


If I remember correctly, the last time I ate at a Buffalo Grill I had promised to never set foot in one ever again. I thought I never would, but surprise surprise, Baby Girl begged to come here. She doesn’t particularly like meat, so I don’t know why she really really wanted to come here for dinner!


It was a Friday evening and lots of families had the same idea as us – to have dinner here. If you’re wondering where the Husband was – he was simply working. Anyways, we were seated between a table of 4 kids and their parents and a table of 2 kids who were on their tablet and the parents on their phone. I don’t know what was worse. All I know is that it was almost hell on earth and I would have given anything to be out of there. Plus, it was really really really warm because of the hanging lamps!


At least, I had Baby Girl and my Gin Tonic – Peche Blanche cocktail (5.95 Euros).


The Buffalo Grill’s Complimentary Salad is still the best complimentary salad out there. I love the sauce, which I think is also for sale. I might get one someday.


I decided to go with a Bavette d’Aloyau (12.95 Euros). I asked it to be cooked medium-rare, with shallots as it is served traditionally. The sidings are unlimited. I asked for Baked Potatoes and Garlic Green Beans. The beef was alright. But then again, you can’t expect the best beef quality in Buffalo Grill at this price.

What do you order when you eat at Buffalo Grill?

xoxo Elodie

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