Buffalo Grill in ZAC d’Augny, France (September 2013)


There’s not a lot that I detest, but one thing for sure is I absolutely hate late lunches! I tend to get the worst headaches ever which usually last all day long and I also have a really bad stomach ache right after eating. It’s the worst combination ever! I try to avoid that as much as possible, but there was nothing I could do today. Baby Girl had her first swimming class today. It started at 11:30AM and lasted about 40 minutes. For the first session, the swimming instructor asked that I stay with Baby Girl to help her out with changing outfits and taking a shower. The Husband and I stayed the whole time and watched our little girl with a lot of pride. But then, I got a call from the hospital where Dad was. They asked if we could come pick up Dad as the doctor gave the green sign for him to come home. It was 2:00PM when the four of us were finally in the car. Our stomachs growled in unison, pleading us to get food!

It’s been a while that I’ve been curious about Buffalo Grill. They have a lot of branches in the area so I’m always passing by one when I’m on the road. I’ve always loved the restaurant’s outdoor designs. But what really piqued my interest was my nephew, who has claimed Buffalo Grill to be his « go-to restaurant before dancing ». In his own words, nothing does it like a 300 grams steak at Buffalo Grill for him to dance the night away! I had no plans for dancing later, but I wanted to see what was in this place. Thankfully for us, Buffalo Grill at the ZAC d’Augny serves all day long so 2:30PM was not too late to have lunch!


Complimentary Salad


Complimentary Hot Bread


Complimentary Popcorn


Complimentary drawing materials for kids.

We were surely spoiled with all these complimentary stuff! 🙂


Paintings on the wall of old farms, farmers, lands, and cattle. It’s not very modern and I found the gold frames tacky.


Menu Kids – 4,90 Euros. Main Dish + Dessert.                                               

Chicken Nuggets and French Fries


Menu Pony – 7,90 Euros. Main Dish + Dessert or Drinks.

Buffalo Wings with Barbecue Sauce and French Fries.
The chicken wings might look a little burnt, but they weren’t. The Husband fell in love with this!!!


Assiette Texane / Texan Plate – 15,90 Euros.

Chili Con Carne, Barbecued Ribs, and Buffalo Wings with Barbecue Sauce.
I asked to replace the French Fries by Steamed Green Beans.

I knew this was way too much for me, but I ordered this because it comprised of several dishes from the menu. The Husband and I shared this and we both agreed that the chicken wings were good, the chili con carne was alright, but the ribs were very dry and rubbery!


Baby Girl’s dessert – Smarties Fun Cone


Creme Brulee – 4,90 Euros.

Delicious. Not the best I’ve had, but good.

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