Beautiful Box by au Feminin – So Flamingo! – May 2019

Hey guys! I just love love love this month’s Beautiful Box. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift, which will be in a couple of weeks. I love everything part of this month, with no exception. It’s super pretty, it’s pink / rose gold themed, the products are really nice, and I love flamingos! What a relief from last month’s disaster (click here for the link).

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Beautiful Box – Cuteness Overload – April 2019


Hey guys! ūüôā

The moment I opened this month’s Beautiful Box by Au Feminin I heard my 10-year old daughter squeal in delight behind me. ¬ę¬†Can I have it please Mama? Please?¬†¬Ľ ¬ę¬†Uhm sure¬†¬Ľ, I replied, ¬ę¬†but only the box. The stuff inside is mine.¬†¬Ľ ¬ę¬†Well duh, Mom!¬†¬Ľ Then I saw the Panda. Oops, okay I understand now. LOL.


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Prescription Lab – Folie Douce – April 2019

La Folie Douce aka Love Crazy – what is it exactly?? It’s so difficult to explain in words!

It’s hard to describe what it is, but the way I see it, it’s like the way I fell in love with my husband. Falling in love – some fall quick and hard, others get struck. The Hubby got struck and according to him, he knew he wanted me to be the mother of his future children. I took my time. I went along the crazy adventure, enjoyed every moment, and found a love I didn’t even think I deserved. When I saw the ¬ę¬†Folie Douce¬†¬Ľ phrase on the shirt, I couldn’t help but think about that.

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Beautiful Box by Au Feminin – March 2019 – You’re so Yummy

A friend recently asked me about the beauty boxes I receive monthly – Birchbox, Prescription Lab, and Beautiful Box – and which one I preferred. I tried to find the right words, but honestly it’s hard to choose one. It depends I guess. I’m usually pretty happy with the products I receive. The only times I am disappointed are when I get stuff that are really badly-rated on Yuka (click here on the post). That and when I receive things that don’t correspond to my profile. For example, I have really thick hair, so a volumizing hair product is really really not my cup of tea!


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Sulwhasoo Basic Kit – 0/100 on Yuka!!

Hey guys! It is officially Spring today! What wonderful news. Not too wonderful for my skin unfortunately. In the last years, I’ve noticed that my skin has a tough time adjusting to the seasons. At the moment, for example, my skin is extremely dry and flaky. It almost feels like it got burned from the dry and cold winter weather. I tried several moisturizer and face care products, but ultimately what I felt worked best on my skin was the Sulwhasoo Basic Kit.

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