Starbucks in Metz, France


A couple of weeks ago, a French trainee of mine came back from a business trip in the US. We talked about it and he shared some of the culture shocks he experienced. Since I’ve been living in France (almost 8 years now!), I’ve constantly experienced culture shocks of my own, so it was interesting to hear a French point-of-view for once. Out of the many anecdotes he shared was Starbucks. On his first morning in Chicago, his colleague told him he would pick him up to have breakfast. He brought him to Starbucks. His colleague suggested taking a break in the middle of the day. They went to the nearest Starbucks. Then they went out for dinner. They ate their main dish and dessert, but they didn’t have coffee like French people do at the end of a meal. When they got in the car, he believed they were going home. Turns out, his colleague was driving them to …. yes, you guessed it – Starbucks. « Why didn’t we have coffee at the end of the meal back in the restaurant? », he asked himself.

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