Waffles (Thermomix Recipe)

I take great pleasure in cooking for my family. If you take a look at my Instagram account (click here), you’ll see exactly what I mean. Since I got my Thermomix TM5, I’ve been making regularly Waffles for Baby Girl. Actually, I make them on Saturday mornings. We eat about 2 each and I freeze the rest. These are eaten during the week for breakfast or sometimes Baby Girl brings some as a school snack. This saves us so much time during the week and money too!

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Doha, Qatar 2016 – The Villaggio Mall and the Landmark Shopping Mall (Qatar 2016 Series #6)

As a teenage girl, one of my weekend activity was « malling with my friends ». As we got older, we preferred going on road trips, going to the beach, and having parties, but I’ll never forget that part of my life where I would get all excited about meeting my friends (and boys …. ssshh!) at the mall. It’s funny because we wouldn’t even shop for stuff, we just liked walking in circles around the mall. Oh and the drama – we loved that a lot too!

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Travelling to Doha, Qatar (Qatar 2016 Series #1)

taken from: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xNeHItvtSok/maxresdefault.jpg

Hello! In 2016, the Husband, Baby Girl, and I travelled to Doha, Qatar. This was such a great and fun trip. The Husband’s sister and brother live in Doha and my father-in-law decided to stopped by Qatar before eventually going to the States for a couple of months. So this was the perfect opportunity for the family to be together.

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