Chez des Amis in Metz, France


A couple of days ago, the Husband, Baby Girl, and I spent a morning at Baby Girl’s future middle school. It was a Portes Ouvertes event and it was the opportunity for us to check out her school. She is starting middle school next school year and we thought it was important to accompany her in discovering and exploring her new school. We are not the perfect parents, but we love our daughter very much and try our best. I can’t remember how I felt starting middle years ago, but I know that my parents support meant extremely a lot!


I can’t believe next school year Baby Girl will be in middle school. The start of teenage problems. ?


As the morning was coming to an end, we decided to have lunch in the city center. I had heard a lot about the newest restaurant in town, Chez des Amis, and I was curious to try it out. Thankfully, we were able to have a table, even though we didn’t reserve. We had a table in the underground section, which in my opinion is really beautiful. There aren’t a lot of tables, but at least we’re not crammed like sardines!


I loved everything about the underground area. The paintings, the tables, the comfortable chairs (!!!), and even the soft RnB music in the background.


This isn’t the kind of art I would have in my home, but I can’t help but appreciate it.

We opted not to order starters as nothing was really interesting (Foie Gras, Burrata, or Carpaccio). When I mean not interesting, I mean not something I would eat in Winter, except for Foie Gras, but after eating Foie Gras non-stop for Christmas and New Year’s, I can’t eat anymore of that

So we went straight to our main dish:

I decided to order the Burger des Amis (14.50 Euros) with Cheddar Cheese.

First, the menu was limited to Salmon Tartare, Duck Breast, Burger, and a Steak. Personally, I wanted a fish dish, but Salmon Tartare in winter?? No, thank you! ?

But honestly, while I was eating my Burger, I almost felt like crying. What was wrong? Almost everything! I asked for the burger to be cooked medium-rare. It was dry and not tasty. I hate being harsh, but it was like cardboard. Next, there was sweet onion confit, which I hate. But this is my fault, in fact. I should have asked what was inside the burger, which was not indicated in the menu. Who would have thought I would find sweet onion confit in my burger? Anyways … what’s next is not the worst but they used Mache Salad, which well, I don’t like in my burger. Again, I should have asked beforehand. That’ll teach me a lesson for next time.

The side dishes are unlimited and good. I loved the green salad with its creamy dressing and the French Fries and its ketchup-mayo dipping sauce. Can we agree that there’s something definitely wrong when one appreciates the side dish more than the main dish??


The Husband ordered the Magret de Canard au Miel et Thym (15 Euros) / Duck Breast with Honey and Thyme.

The Husband’s duck was really really good. Well, in comparison to my duck anyways. But somehow, I thought the Gods above decided for us not to have a good meal. For his side dish, the Husband asked for French Fries and Green Beans. The Green Beans arrived when he was almost done with his duck (about 20 minutes after) and the duck was already cold.


But today’s prize definitely belongs to Baby Girl and her meal.

The Menu Pti’ Loup (8 Euros) is designed for children. It includes a main dish (Steak and Fries or Fried Egg and fries), a drink of choice, or a dessert (Glace Smarties).

Baby Girl doesn’t really like meat, so she asked to have the egg option. She also asked if it was possible to have a second one, but the waitress refused. Actually, she could if we paid another 8 Euros. Uhmm … where do I begin?! I have many things to say and it’s nothing nice. ?

Anyways, she was still hungry after her egg (lol) and fries, so I told her she could have a piece of our dessert.


L’Inspiration Citron (7.50 Euros) – Ganache montée Yuzu, Marmelade de citron confit de menthe, Citron caviar


The perfect balance of sweet and sour! Just delicious. Plus, you gotta admit that this is a sight for sore eyes!


Cheesecake New Yorkais (6 Euros) – Biscuit Spéculos, Cream Cheese Vanille, et son Coulis Fruits Rouges

I was told by Baby Girl that this was to-die-for as she devoured the whole thing by herself (and a little help of the Husband).

Chez des Amis is the perfect example of over-expectations. I had heard so many good things in articles, online, on social media, and etc … My own experience was underwhelming. The good points were the overall ambiance (the décor, the music). The quality of the service was also great! The waitresses were super friendly and smiley. I just felt for bad, seeing them go up and down the stairs a couple of dozen of times, carrying heavy plates. This was nothing like the service we had here. Of course there was the problem of the Green Beans, but I honestly think this was more of a kitchen problem. And finally, the desserts. This is the identity of this restaurant, in my opinion. This of course brings up my next point – do you go to a restaurant for its dessert? It depends who you ask I guess. A dessert-lover would say yes. A client of mine once told me that when she’s in a restaurant, she goes straight to the dessert menu before anything else. Personally, I go to a restaurant for its food. First, I had a problem with the menu choices. For winter, I was expecting different choices like a cold starter, a salad, and / or a soup or cappuccino of sort. Something in season. Honestly, I could hardly see myself ordering a Burrata to start then a Salmon Tartare for my main dish. Second problem, the quality of the food. There’s no other way to say it – my burger was a flop.

Have you been to Chez des Amis? How was your experience?

xoxo Elodie

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