Cooking Asian Dishes


The month of January was supposed to be a wonderful month (before I got ill). Earlier in the month, I had challenged myself to try to cook and prepare Asian dishes Filipino-Style for every meal, or at least for dinner. What does Filipino-style mean you might ask? If you ever have the opportunity with Filipinos, you will quickly notice that a Filipino meal consists of not 1 but 2 (and even 3 or more) different dishes! The challenge is to mix and match the flavors. I know what you will say next – isn’t 3 dishes a bit too much? Yes, of course! The idea is not to force yourself and finish everything. Whatever is left will be eaten the next meal, which means that if there’s a lot of leftovers, you will only need to cook 1 dish. One important thing to remember about Filipinos is to never throw away food. In a country with a high poverty rate, every single piece of meat or fish is important! Even leftover rice will be turned to garlic fried rice or Cantonese fried rice.


Clam Tinola Soup, Baked Cheesy Tahong, Tortang Talong, and White Rice


If I want to make the Husband happy, all I have to do is make Tortang Talong. This is basically an egg omelet with eggplant and it is my husband’s absolute favorite (with a little ketchup on top). If you want to make this, make sure to get the Asian-type of eggplants (they are slightly longer and much thinner).


Vietnamese Pho


As I mentioned it in a previous post (click here for the post), I decided to make a Vietnamese Pho Soup for the Husband’s birthday. Truthfully, it wasn’t too complicated to make because I didn’t make anything from scratch. The broth was made from pho cubes and I bought the meatballs from the Asian store. I just made sure to get as many fresh ingredients to bring out the needed flavors.


Nilat-ang Baka and White Rice

This is a nod to my mother-in-law who usually cooked this dish for us when we visited her on Sundays.



Baked Asian Trout, Garlic Bokchoy, Clam Tinola Soup, and White Rice


We love Baked Salmon, but once in a while I also like using Trout. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s quite tasty too!

xoxo Elodie

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