Day Trip to Paris, France


Last weekend, we decided to go to Paris for a day. The Husband usually has only one free weekend per month so as much as possible we try to go and visit other places. We’ve already been to Paris several times, but it’s always a pleasure to go back. I’m happy to live in Metz, but Paris has definitely more activities and places to visit. And this time around, I wanted to bring Baby Girl to the Musée du Louvre!


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We decided to go to Paris by bus for financial reasons. Have you ever taken a train in France? If yes, then I think you would agree that the prices are excessively high for last minute trips! I don’t remember exactly how much we paid for roundtrip tickets, but it was definitely cheaper than taking the train. We left early Saturday morning and came back home at like 3AM on Sunday. It takes about 4 hours to travel from Metz to Paris, with 1-2 stops. The bus is pretty comfortable. This was our first time travelling with Flixbus and for the price we paid, we were not disappointed at all.


We arrived at the Gare Routiere in Bercy-Seine, Paris. This was perfect because our lunch destination was at Bercy Village. We just had to walk across the Park de Bercy.


Yep, lunch at Five Guys. Oh come on, how can you not?? The next post will be all about our experience here.


We weren’t too lucky that day because the skies were gray, gray, and gray! It wasn’t raining (thank God), but it sure was windy and cold!


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The real purpose of this Paris trip was to visit the Musée Louvre, but since we were only going there in the evening we had the whole afternoon to go around the city.


We decided to do that on a bus, Foxity Vintage. Like other companies such a Big Bus and Open Tour Paris, it is a hop-on hop-off bus tour system. Foxity is not highly-rated online, but it’s the cheapest (24 Euros/adult, 7 Euros/child) and honestly, it’s alright. Baby Girl loved being on the upper deck.


We first hopped on not too far from the Musée du Louvre, in front of the France Tourisme agency in fact.


Notre Dame Cathedral


Eiffel Tower and La Seine River


Unfortunately, it was a Saturday with Gilets Jaunes protests again. The Avenue Champs-Elysées was closed to cars, so the bus driver had to pass by another way. There were police cars, trucks, and officers everywhere. What a pity!


We did get to go around the Arc de Triomphe. This always takes my breath away.


Because of the protests going on and the traffic jam, we decided to get down at the Musée du Louvre stop and wait there.


We were here for the event « La Nocturne du Samedi », which opens at 6PM-9:45PM. Entrance was free and with no need of reservation. I thought it would be cool to bring Baby Girl here because she has been learning about Leonardo da Vinci at school.


We waited at Starbucks and before 6PM we started lining up. We waited in line for about 15 minutes, which isn’t so bad, before going in. I was surprised to see so many people especially on a Saturday evening!


Aphrodite, dite « Vénus de Milo »


Victoire de Samothrace


Marsyas Supplicié


Athéna dite « Pallas de Velletri »


Grand Sphinx de Tanis


The arts are not always in front of you. Sometimes you also have to look up to appreciate some wonderful piece of art!


La Vierge et l’Enfant avec le jeune Saint Jean-Baptiste de Sandro Botticelli


La Vierge aux Rochers by Leonardo da Vinci


Saint Jean Baptiste de Leonardo da Vinci


Salomé avec le tete de Saint Jean-Baptiste by Bernardino Luini


Realistically, we knew we couldn’t do it all. Moreover, there were some areas which were closed to the public. But before leaving the museum, there was one last painting with definitely could not pass up.


Mona Lise / La Joconde

In a big room all to herself, you will find the Mona Lisa. It’s not easy to find her in this maze of stairs, rooms, and people, but once you do you can’t help but appreciate her. She’s surprisingly small, but she’s definitely there.


After leaving the museum, we still had several hours left before taking our bus back to Metz at 10:55PM. We decided to go to Chinatown because I really really wanted to have some Roasted Pork. Unfortunately, when we got there the little restaurant was already closed. We did have some Chatime instead!


My favorite flavor – Taro! Chatime should definitely open a branch in Metz.

We really enjoyed our day trip in Paris, although it was a little tiring truthfully. We love coming back whenever we can! What do you think of Paris?

xoxo Elodie





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