Getting the News (Moving Out)

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Just when life was getting a little better – bad news struck again!

Hmmm… do I want to say it out loud? It doesn’t look like we have much of a choice anyways.

We have to move out of our apartment. ??

I know, I know. It’s not the end of the world. I’ve had time to swallow the news, but why did it feel like it was in the beginning?


Let me go back to the start ….


Day 1

We have been renting this apartment for 1 year and a half now. 86 square meters. Equipped kitchen. Living room. Dining Room. Two Bedrooms. A little laundry room. Separate toilet and shower. And a balcony.

Okkk … it’s not the perfect apartment, but out of the dozen we invited then, it was the one closest to perfection.


In my mind, I knew we weren’t going to stay here forever. But I never would have imagined being almost-what-feels-like kicked out. I thought we would stay a couple few months or 1 year before leaving eventually on our own.

But no …

Turns out, the owner has decided to sell the apartment. Which is completely her right. I’m not opposing that. I just felt somehow blindsided.

Anyways, I got a phone call from the owner one day asking me if it was possible to come over to the apartment for a visit. Apparently, the apartment was on sale. Thanks for letting us know!!!


« Don’t worry », « We won’t leave you living in the streets », « We won’t kick you out », « It might not work out ». Of course, it did (it’s us!!!). The potential buyers loved the apartment. Ironically, they loved the little extra touches we brought to the place. So technically, we might have helped sell the apartment.

Of course, the Husband and I don’t want to be in any way an obstacle to the sale. But we also have to think of us. I agreed to vacate the apartment for July 1, 2018 and the owner is letting us stay the last month for free.


So yeah… we have to move out for July 1.

How many times do I have to say it before it finally sinks in???  Pfffff …     Wish us luck please!

xoxo Elodie



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