La Chandeleur – The Day for Crepes

In the beginning of the month, we celebrated La Chandeleur. I made them for our Sunday brunch – just the perfect way to start the day IMO. Most people don’t know what it really signifies, in fact all they know is that they have to make crepes that day. When I first moved to France, I had no idea what La Chandeleur was – crepes or no crepes.

Then one evening many years ago, Dad insisted that I make Crepes for dinner. I wasn’t up to going out and shopping for ingredients so I told him I’d make him some another day (thinking it was merely another craving of his).

« No! You have to absolutely make them today. C’est La Chandeleur! », he told me, not wanting to hear another word from me.

Huh, La Chandeleur?! What am I missing???

Turns out, La Chandeleur has religious origins (otherwise known as La Presentation de Jesus au Temple / The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple) and is celebrated in France by making Crepes (I guess Dad wasn’t making it up! LOL). I’m not sure what the crepes symbolize, but this day is now also known as Le Jour des Crepes.

Truthfully, I don’t wait for La Chandeleur to make crepes. I make them all year long. I have two recipes I swear by. One comes from my Thermomix robot (click here for the post). The second is the one I prefer most. The ingredients below include sugar. I sometimes like to omit the sugar depending on my mood. You may also add vanilla sugar, vanilla extract, or even orange blossom extract!

French Crepes 

What you’ll need:
500 grams flour
1 liter milk
4 eggs
1 small glass of oil
100 grams of sugar

Tip: prepare the crepes mixture at least 2 hours before cooking. It is best when well-rested.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together and whisk well. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before using.

Tools I swear by when making Crepes:

Crepe pan (preferable non-stick so you won’t need to grease it)

Turn your stove on medium heat. Heat the crepe pan until hot. The first crepe is always tricky – same as the first pancake. When the pan is hot, brush with oil off the stove if needed.

Pour a ladle full of crepes mixture to the hot pan.

Twirl around until you form a complete round circle. It’s all in the wrist action.

Put back on top of the stove and cook.

With the aid of the spatula, check if the side down is cooked. It’s pretty quick – less than a minute per side. Turn over (you can use your spatula or flip).

Cook the other side.

When the other side is cooked, transfer to a serving plate nearby. Repeat the procedures for each crepes. It takes time to make them one by one, but it’s so worth it! Crepes day at our house is always festive! 🙂

The best thing about Crepes is that you can enjoy them anytime of the day!

xoxo Elodie 

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