Oven-Baked Chicken Legs

I must be crazy to use the oven today, but I really really really love this recipe. Plus, it’s so easy to prepare! Yesterday was such a hot day so I probably wouldn’t have done it then though. Temperatures reached 36 degrees Celsius. I had to go home early from work because I felt ill. Problem was, I was sweating all morning, really sweating, and then in the afternoon it dried up. I knew I was going to be ill. By 4PM, I was sneezing, had a runny nose, and feeling chilly. Today, maximum temperature reached 26 degrees Celsius, but most importantly it was a little bit windy.

If I had to choose one kind of meat to eat every day, I think I would most probably choose chicken. In different ways of course, but yeah, chicken. But there’s one thing that I stopped making at home – Fried Chicken. I can’t handle all that oil splattering in the kitchen. But I do love eating Fried Chicken and it’s just too bad that there’s no good Fried Chicken place in Metz. There’s a KFC, but it’s not the same. For a long time, they only had Fried Chicken Tenders and Wings. It is only recently that they added Fried Drumsticks to their menu. I have yet to try it.

So as an alternative I have my Oven-Baked Chicken recipe, which we love just the same. We like the chicken seasoned simply with salt and black pepper. But depending on my mood of the day, I like to work around things. If I want something Asian, I’ll use Soy Sauce / Teriyaki Sauce in my marinade. Cayenne pepper / Sriracha / Harissa for spiciness. Garlic Powder, herbs … you get it, the sky is the limit!


Lately though, I’ve been really into Middle Eastern spices. When we came back from Qatar (click for the posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), we brought back with us a pack of Qatari Spice Mixture. I’m not sure what it is exactly although it’s very smells and tastes very familiar. Sorta like a curry mixture, but with more dimensions.


Oven-Baked Chicken



  • 3 Chicken Legs
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil
  • Qatari Spice Mixture (quantity depends on you)
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


In a cooking bag (like a zip lock), put all the ingredients. Shake it so that the chicken is evenly covered. Let it marinate for at least 1 hour.


Bake in a 180 degrees Celsius preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. Make sure that the chicken is cooked through and there is no bloody juices.


Remove from the oven. Take a second to breathe in the smell of the spices.


And because we’re Filipinos, we prepared white rice at the same time. I don’t like to wait long to start devouring our food. I put everything on a plate, take a quick picture, and silently pray that at least 1 will do the work. I’m a terrible food blogger, I know. ? ?



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