I’m 33 today! (Blogmas Series #10)

photo taken from: http://www.thedazzdiva.com/2015/09/its-my-birthday.html

Hey peeps! It’s my birthday today. Uh-uh, uh-uh!!!

My niece asked me how old I was and I answered her the age of Jesus when he died. She laughed at me and said – « Why is it that you can’t answer a simple question like everyone else? » Ha ha, maybe because I’m not like everyone else! I answered back to her.

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Waffles (Thermomix Recipe)

I take great pleasure in cooking for my family. If you take a look at my Instagram account (click here), you’ll see exactly what I mean. Since I got my Thermomix TM5, I’ve been making regularly Waffles for Baby Girl. Actually, I make them on Saturday mornings. We eat about 2 each and I freeze the rest. These are eaten during the week for breakfast or sometimes Baby Girl brings some as a school snack. This saves us so much time during the week and money too!

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