Throwback Thursday: Golden Cowrie in Cebu, Philippines


I miss home. Home for me is Cebu, Philippines. I haven’t been back since 2011. Can you believe that? Some days I really really want to go back, but other days I just don’t know. Normally, we will go back in December this year. I can’t wait I can’t wait to be with my friends. I can’t wait to spend time on the beach. And I certainly can’t wait to eat in all my favorite places!

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Cooking Asian Dishes


The month of January was supposed to be a wonderful month (before I got ill). Earlier in the month, I had challenged myself to try to cook and prepare Asian dishes Filipino-Style for every meal, or at least for dinner. What does Filipino-style mean you might ask? If you ever have the opportunity with Filipinos, you will quickly notice that a Filipino meal consists of not 1 but 2 (and even 3 or more) different dishes! The challenge is to mix and match the flavors. I know what you will say next – isn’t 3 dishes a bit too much? Yes, of course! The idea is not to force yourself and finish everything. Whatever is left will be eaten the next meal, which means that if there’s a lot of leftovers, you will only need to cook 1 dish. One important thing to remember about Filipinos is to never throw away food. In a country with a high poverty rate, every single piece of meat or fish is important! Even leftover rice will be turned to garlic fried rice or Cantonese fried rice.


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Back to Basics (Blogmas 2018 Series #14)

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When I first got into blogging many many many years ago, it was all about food! I was writing about recipes, products, kitchen tools, and etc … When I started this blog, I wanted to include other aspects of my life. As much as I love cooking (which is a real passion of mine), I also love travelling, fashion, books, movies and series, and arts! I thought it would be a good idea to have more of a lifestyle blog. This has been more of a diary for me and I love being able to go back and read!


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