Family Summer Vacation 2019! (Summer Vacation 2019 Series #1)

Hello Everyone!! ??

When a pyjama isn’t enough to warm me up and I need a thick sweater, then I know that summer is officially over. I’m not sure what to think of it though. When I was younger, Fall used to be my favorite season, but I’m beginning to think that Spring might be it for me now. Anyways, enough of season-talking because I’m also officially late in posting about our Family Summer Vacation!

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Easy Summer Salad Recipes (Part 1)

Hey! I don’t know about you, but I am so fed up by the hot weather we’ve been having lately. I take a shower and my skin is still sticky. I don’t sleep as well, either from the heat or from the noise of the electric fan. And I’m worried about our pug dog, who is constantly breathing noisily from the heat. But what I do like about this weather is the food. Salad, lots of salads. The Husband is not a big fan of salads. He likes the typical Filipino meal of white rice, meat, and vegetables. But when it’s 40 degrees Celsius out and 30 degrees Celsius in, I simply do not picture myself cooking or baking in the kitchen. It’s genius!

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