Tarte au Fromage Banc by Thierry Hommel


Hey guys! The photos are crappy, I know, but I also know I couldn’t let this go by without writing about the best Tarte au Fromage I have ever had in my entire life!

So before I start talking about the experience of having had what I can only say « heaven in my mouth », let me tell you all about the how, why, when, and where.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with a client. Most times working with a male client is no problem, but some times I do get comments and flirtations. First of all, I am happily married and in love so I don’t pay attention to any of it. It’s also true that I don’t always put forward my personal life at work and truthfully I don’t always wear my wedding ring. But when things like this happen, I do. Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don’t. A girl just has gotta be firm, I guess.


Anyways, I’ve been working with this client online for a couple of months and for our last session, he insisted coming to my office. I wasn’t so sure about the idea, but went along with it.

On D-day, he surprisingly came armed with this Tarte au Fromage from Thierry Hommel in St. Avold. I am not a fan of the French version of a cheesecake. Most times it is sour and grainy in texture. But as I like to live my life, always try something once because having an opinion about it. So I tried it.

Oh my!! It was perfectly airy, but at the same time very creamy and not at all runny! Gone was that sourness that I don’t particularly like, but there was still that cheese after-taste which gently reminded me that this was a cheesecake. The shortcrust pastry was not too thick and not thin and most importantly fully-cooked. In short, it was the best!

So if you are ever in town, which I doubt because there isn’t much to do in Saint Avold. I mean it’s even smaller than Metz! So let me rephrase that, if you are ever in mood to eat Tarte au Fromage, then this one is wort the trip. I read online that people from Luxembourg, Germany, Strasbourg, and even Paris come for some cake. If that’s not an indicator of how great it is, then I don’t know what is.

xoxo Elodie

P.S. I would recommend making a reservation because hopping in your car! 🙂

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