The Week before Christmas: Dec. 17-22 (Blogmas 2018 Series #12)

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This is the last week before the Christmas break and I can definitely feel it in the air. Professionally, clients are in a hurry to finish things off and making ends meet before going on a break. Personally, I am ill.


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Gastroenteritis. What a bitch!!!

It all started last Saturday, right after my birthday (click here for the post). I suddenly felt a striking stomach pain. I went to bed, hoping for the best, but I woke up Sunday, with a stomach ache. It was tolerable, but .I knew something was off. I thought perhaps it was from the food, but no one else was ill but me. We went home from Baby L’s birthday (click here for the post). And then LBM (loose bowel movement) came and stayed for almost the whole week! I hate taking meds, but after two days I knew I had to take something to help me. But most especially prevent any unwanted accidents! I still had to work after all.


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I decided to stay in on Monday. I cancelled every appointment that day and worked on my emails instead.


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On Tuesday, I thought I would go to the office and work in the afternoon. Nothing bad happened. Just extreme fatigue from not sleeping well and not eating anything!


On Wednesday, I had no choice but to work the whole day. VIP client. I still didn’t eat anything. My colleague asked if I didn’t feel faint from the not-eating, but honestly I was fine. I was more scared of eating and being sick at work in fact. In the evening, my niece’s husband came to deliver a package of beef meat for us. The Husband loves when I make Tartare de Boeuf / Beef Tartare. You might be freaked out with the thought of raw beef meat, but I swear it’s so good. And easy to make, too! You just need good beef, egg yolk, onion or shallots, capers, mustard, parsley, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and black pepper. I had a little and cursed the day I got my gastroenteritis!


Thursday was the usual work day. Gaaad, when did I start sounding like such a workaholic?! At least, I am feeling much better. I finally had lunch and guess what, I wasn’t sick! Yeahh!! And another bright note, this is the first time ever where I am not rushing with my Christmas gifts. I have everything ready – I just need to wrap them up. *a pat of my back*


Friday meant the beginning of our Christmas vacation, well for Baby Girl and I, that is. The Husband still has to work on Saturday, then he’s all good as well. There was a Christmas program after-school today. Because of work, I missed the first part which included the Christmas carols. Ugh I can’t believe I missed that! But I made it for the second part, which was exploring the Christmas market. I just love Baby Girl’s school and I cannot believe she will be in middle school next year!


Saturday equaled Indian Food … If I’m craving Indian food, I always always order from Haryana Restaurant in Metz from the application, Just Eat. Today Baby Girl and I ordered Mix Pakora, Seekh Kebab, Biryani Chicken, and Plain Naan. As usual, it was delicious!


…. and Christmas gift wrapping. Somehow, I must have hit my head and believed I was Santa Claus this year! ? ?


xoxo Elodie


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