Throwback Thursday: Golden Cowrie in Cebu, Philippines


I miss home. Home for me is Cebu, Philippines. I haven’t been back since 2011. Can you believe that? Some days I really really want to go back, but other days I just don’t know. Normally, we will go back in December this year. I can’t wait I can’t wait to be with my friends. I can’t wait to spend time on the beach. And I certainly can’t wait to eat in all my favorite places!


September 8, 2011

Today was Baby Girl’s turn to visit the doctor. My Mother-in-Law, too. Baby Girl was having her annual check-up and boosters. My Mother-in-Law came with us so she could have her flu vaccine done too.


We were number 2 on the doctor’s patient list today. When we were about to leave at 10:00am, the pediatrician’s secretary called and said the doctor had an operation, but would be at the office at 12:30pm. Baby Girl fell asleep and when she woke up, it was time to go to the doctor’s. So we went with empty stomachs. Fortunately, we were out of there in a flash (close to 1:00PM). Dad called to tell us he was at Robinson Cybergate, which is close to the doctor’s office, he asked if we could meet up there and we ended up having a late lunch with my Mother-in-Law too.


Golden Cowrie is Filipino-themed and a restaurant I like to bring my balikbayan and tourist friends to. I believe that their branch at Robinson’s Cybergate is their newest in town. When they first opened their first branch, their plate was the native banana leaf (flattened and cut in rectangles). Today, it is still the banana leaf but they’ve added a customized thin wooden plate underneath. I think it is a smart idea as I’ve remembered feeling very awkward eating on just a banana leaf, wondering and worrying if it would fall apart. At least with the customized wood plate, I feel more reassured.


Calamares (P139.00). Big serving, tender squid, and no after-taste (which usually comes from bad oil) . This would have been better with a dipping sauce though.


Baked Scallops (P125.00) We got 2 orders of this, each order had 6 scallops. The scallops were topped with a garlic, butter, and cheese mixture and baked. Very very good! ? ?


Fried Tuna Fingers (P182.00). This is what I go to Golden Cowrie for.


Imbao Soup (P110.00). My Mother-in-Law chose the Imbao Soup which is a clam soup. This was good, lots of vegetables and clams!


Laing Pinangat na Gabi (P99.00). The Husband is in a Laing-phase right now and wants to find out which Cebu restaurant has the best Laing in town. This is not the best. It might have been but I was too distracted with the Gabi pieces (which I hate!). I like my Laing smooth, like the one we had at Lamesa (the best so far).


Grilled Tangigue (P182.00). Originally I ordered Grilled Tangigue and Pork Belly, but I realized that there was so much food already so I quickly canceled the Pork Belly order before they could start grilling it. We pushed through with the Grilled Tangigue, but because it took long to arrive I had to follow-up the order in case they had canceled it as well. I’m glad they didn’t because I thought it was perfectly grilled. It was at the point of being cooked through but still moist. The slices were small and I’m glad they served us two slices.

Best thing about Golden Cowrie is the extremely delicious native food (reasonably priced to boot!), but as well as the unlimited rice (P32.00). This is a highly recommened native Filipino restaurant, no wonder all their branches are usually heavily packed on any day of the week!

*No service charge
*Major credit cards are accepted

xoxo Elodie

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