Throwback Thursday: Pareng Vic’s Carenderia a.k.a. Hi-Blood Station in Cebu, Philippines

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you this place from back home. I don’t know if Pareng Vic’s Carenderia is still open, but boy do I hope so when I go back home someday. *fingers crossed*

This was taken from a blog post I wrote in June 2011. This was a couple of months before I left to come to France.


I have universal taste. I can eat with the best of them at fine and formal restaurants; dishes that shockingly cost P3,000+ each. But I also love eating cheap but homey food. And nothing spells this like food I grew up with. These are the days when I miss my mama the most.

Within 15 minutes (by motorcycle), the Husband arrived at Pareng Vic’s Carenderia in Mabolo. Pareng This is also nicknamed by their regulars as Hi-Blood Station. I’m not sure why, but I assume it’s because they mostly sell meat dishes.


There it is! I don’t recall now how and why we first found this place. It was a couple of years ago, long before I became a mother. All I remember was that the Husband wanted to eat Ginabot / Chicharon Bulaklak one day and came home with it. I’ve never personally gone to this place as we’ve always just ordered take-out.

I asked the Husband how he found out about this place and he doesn’t remember himself. We have several carenderias just outside our home village, but I have to admit nothing compares to Pareng Vic’s. So when we have the craving for carenderia food, we like to pick up food from here. The Ginabot / Chicharon Bulaklak is not the only dish to come back for. We’ve also gotten the Chicken Curry, Bam-I, Dinuguan (Dugo-Dugo) and Pork Menudo, which are really good too.


Just some of the food that you can buy. Their specialty and in my opinion the reason why they became so popular: the Pork Ginabot or Chicharon Bulaklak.


They also have drinks for sale. Nothing like a glass of icy cold soda to end my meal!


The Husband finally got home and I was super excited to unwrap the food! This was our first time to get their Pochero, mainly because we didn’t know they sold Pochero (they keep this in the kitchen, so you have to ask). I am glad to see that the Pochero is well-portioned. This is what we would have gotten for double or triple the price at other restaurants. Taste-wise it’s not lacking either, it is very good! I would definitely come back for more of this, although not too often though (good for the cravings, not so good for the calories).


This is the kind of curry I grew up loving, Filipino Chicken Curry. I know it’s not made from fresh products but rather by curry powder locally sold, but I absolutely love it!


This is what people come to Pareng Vic’s for. The Ginabot / Chickaron Bulaklak. It was the Husband who introduced this to me when we were dating; I’d never had Ginabot / Chicharon Bulaklak before. Since then, I’ve eaten good and bad ones, but let me tell you this one is GOOD! It’s a little pricey for Carenderia food, but it is also the crispiest Ginabot / Chicken Bulaklak I’ve ever had. It’s not oily either, which is a big plus!

*Ginabot / Chicharon Bulaklak are deep fried pork insides.

xoxo Elodie

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