Verdura Restaurant in Metz, France

Ten days ago, my colleague / friend, L,  and I decided to have lunch together. Can you believe that we’ve been working together for 5+ years now and this is the first time we’ve done this??? Unbelievable, I know right! We’re colleagues but it’s not what you think. I mean, we don’t share an office and we don’t really see each other than often for work. Maybe once or twice a month max. But I’m really glad we did this and that we had lunch at Verdura Restaurant! Not only did we enjoy good food, we also had a good productive girl time!

I’ve heard of Verdura Restaurant for a couple of months now because it’s not so far from Baby Girl’s school. I’ve also talked with a client who told me she knew someone who worked there. Truthfully, I never would have thought about eating at this restaurant until L and I saw that they were serving Buddha Bowls.


L and I ended up ordering the exact same thing -a Buddha Bowl and a Homemade Drink.

The Buddha Bowl – 12.90 Euros (nouilles chinoises, shitakés a l’ail des ours, tataki de saumon, pommes, coriandre, pois gourmands, assaisonnement wasabi/vinaigre thai / Chinese noodles, shitakés mushrooms with bear’s garlic, salmon tataki, apple, coriander, snow peas, wabasi and Thai vinegar salad dressing).

I was a little worried about the apple as I’m not a fan of the sweet and salty combo, but it was okay. I set the apples aside, but the rest of the dish was absolutely wonderful, especially the dressing! I loved the kick from the wasabi and the taste of the shitake mushrooms. Garlic’s bear is one of my Spring favorites!

By the way, the homemade drink was Aloe Vera with Lime and that was just refreshing and fantastic! I’ll definitely be back! 🙂

xoxo Elodie


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